Examples of health conditions we treat: acute lower back pain, back pain, neck strain, headaches, migraines, sciatica, health problems, tennis elbow, mouse arm, knee and hip problems to name a few common ailments.
All our customers are treated individually according to problems and needs.

At the first visit, a health check is always performed to ensure that we offer the right treatment. This is important for the patient’s well – being and long-term planning.


Osteopathy is a manual medicine based on a thorough knowledge of anatomy, palpation and diagnostics. The body´s musculoskeletal system is used to diagnose the patient’s symptoms and manual treatment through all the tissues in the body is applied to reach the cause of the problem rather than the symptom. How this works in a clinical aspect is through the understanding of the osteopathic basic principles where the body is a unit, the bodys self-healing and self-regulating mechanisms and the relationship between structure and function.

Osteopathy developed by Andrew Taylor Still in the late 19th century. A.T. Still, an American M.D. working in the civil war was a man of medicine and curiosity. His innovative research on the anatomical relationships between the systems in the body is of fundamental importance to all manual medicine today. A.T. Still found that the loss of joint mobility between bones affected the health. A loss of mobility had a direct effect on the circulation and there by also the quality of the tissues affected. After years of research he started the first osteopathic school in 1892 in Kirksville, Missouri and to this day, his work is still growing across the world.

Examples of health conditions we treat: acute lower back pain, back pain, neck pain, headaches, migraines, sciatica, health problems, tennis elbow, mouse arm, knee and hip problems to name a few common problems. All our customers are treated individually according to problems and needs.


Massage is a treatment method that dates back a long way and occurs in various forms in most cultures and originates from China, India, ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. The muscles are treated and stimulated, which gives a cleansing effect and gives the body a pleasant relaxation.

The masseur works with the body’s soft tissue, ie skin, muscles and connective tissue to achieve different therapeutic effects and thus help with different types of problems.


In addition to the purely relaxing and soothing effect, a massage treatment can often have a good effect on mild muscle and joint problems. Massage treatments can be a way to avoid future major problems that in the long run risk becoming chronic.

Massage usually has both mental and physical effects, such as relaxation, general well-being, heart rate reduction and reduction of stress levels. Other positive effects of a massage treatment that can be mentioned are for example:
increased blood and lymph circulation
Strengthened immune system reduces tension and muscle aches
reduces pain increased relaxation and well-being reduces and counteracts stress reduces exercise pain.

However, it is also important to know when not to get a massage as it can aggravate certain conditions and diseases if you do not know these. In case of various medical conditions, a doctor should therefore be consulted before a massage is booked. Doctors should e.g. consulted for cardiovascular disease, haemophilia.

The entire range of treatments and more info regarding each treatment can be found on our booking page.

Dynamic Emotional Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is actually a completely natural state where we open up to our subconscious mind.

People generally believe that it is difficult to end up in a hypnotic state but the fact is that we end up in this several times every day e.g. when we are in daydreams or living in a good book. In hypnotherapy, you work with the cause of the problem instead of just focusing on the symptoms, which creates greater opportunities for long-term change.

When we are in hypnosis, we are extra receptive to positive changes. In hypnotherapy, they work with e.g. Suggestion therapy (positive suggestions) and regression therapy (what time in life your blockage is connected to and comes from).

Suggestion therapy under hypnosis is used in e.g. stress management, sleep problems, phobias and fears but also when quitting smoking / snus or to process dramatic experiences and build self-confidence and self-esteem.
Suggestion therapy involves being guided into hypnosis, in a physically and mentally relaxed but focused state.
During the hypnosis, you then give suggestions (suggestions) for a new way of thinking, feeling and acting and reinforce the goal picture of what you want to achieve in a positive spirit.

In Regression Therapy, you work with blocking from your previous life and questions are asked based on how you feel, which will give more understanding of the reason behind different behaviors and habits you have acquired.
The goal of hypnosis is to process memories of events that you have been through and that relate to the problems you suffer from in order to be able to see the events from a new perspective.

Frequently asked questions about your treatment

An osteopathic treatment takes us about 30-40 minutes.

No you do not have to.

Yes, you can pay with a card, swish or with your wellness coupons.

We are also connected to Flexpay / Benify and Actiway.

The similarities between these three are usually greater than the differences. In all three forms of treatment, the therapist uses his hands during the treatment.

Naprapathy is a further development of chiropractic, which in turn comes from osteopathy.

All three professional titles usually treat patients with the same type of problem, usually back and neck problems but also e.g. shoulder, knee and hip problems. Other common reasons for seeking help include headaches, sciatica and heel spurs.


Henrik Fagersson

Henrik is educated at the Scandinavian Osteopathic University and the University of Wales, he has worked as a therapist for 18 years and as an osteopath since 2012, Henrik is since 2019 Thailand’s first licensed and registered osteopath. Henrik currently runs which is based in Thailand. The clinic was founded partly due to a move abroad but also as part of expanding osteopathy to the Asian market and opening up the borders for several osteopaths from Europe who want to come to Thailand to work. This process is still in its active phase and the final result is expected to be ready in 2022. The step in the autumn of 2020 and the spring of 2021 is to get this up to the Health Ministry in Bangkok.

During his active life, Henrik has worked with football players at an elite level, for the Swedish Tennis Association at international tournaments in Sweden for 4 years and today international golf professionals.

During his active period, Henrik has performed more than 36,000 treatments. The group of patients that is most common are lumbar and neck patients.

As Henrik is a member of the Swedish Osteopathic Association, he obviously holds patient and liability insurance.

Contact details
Telephone: 031-38 38 760
Petter K. Jormin

Petter is educated at the Scandinavian Osteopathic University and the University of Wales. In addition to working with patients in Mölndal, he also runs an osteopath clinic in the Majorna district of Gothenburg and works as a clinic supervisor at the Scandinavian Osteopathic University.

As he is a member of the Swedish Osteopathic Association, he of course holds patient and liability insurance.

Contact Details
Telephone: 031-38 38 760
Emma Persson

Emma’s interest in body and health has also led to an ongoing further training as an Ayurvedic therapist. Emma of course holds patient and liability insurance through the Body Therapists’ Professional Association.

Other qualifications: Certified PT / Dietary Advice (Ylab Education), Certified Ayurvedic Therapist, Certified Massage Therapist, Medical Yoga (Laya yoga), Hot Stone Therapist, Life Coach, Holistic Development, Children / Adolescents in Crisis, Conversation Therapy, Aromatherapy

Contact Details
Telephone: 031-38 38 760

To regain health

Osteopaths are trained to help people with both acute and long-term problems. Acute complaints can be e.g. a sports injury or pain after a heavy lift. Prolonged pain may have been caused by a prolonged overload e.g. work-related movements. An osteopath can also give you advice on exercise,
stretching and other factors that can help you get better health. We who work at Mölndalskliniken have together for over 25 years in the industry where our focus has always been health. Our employees have well-documented experience and have full patient and liability insurance regarding care and care of patients.
Petter you are a great old man👍😁! I have no feeling at all in my back or legs. Thank you so much 😁😁
Antonio Nappo
Antonio Nappo
15:41 04 Apr 23
Being hypnotized by Emma was absolutely fantastic. With her soft, beautiful and safe voice, she guided me through memories that remained and that perhaps rubbed in my life, which after the treatment now feel like a beautiful memory. Can highly recommend Emma and her treatments. Many thanks.
Måna Höder
Måna Höder
21:23 02 Jan 23
I experienced a hypnosis session with Emma which was amazing. I was guided in a reassuring way into my innermost self and met exactly what I needed to meet and go through. I warmly recommend Emma's know-how to guide in the interior.
Great masseuse, empathetic and responsive. We got on well and I could trust her skills. Bus stop near and parking. Totally relaxing.
14:33 06 Jun 22
My experience was 5 out of 5 stars. Knowledgeable, nice 😊 will be back 😊
Therese kläm
Therese kläm
18:17 04 Mar 22
Friendly staff
Elias Kilander
Elias Kilander
16:19 25 Jan 22
Emma is a fantastically good masseur and Petter has done wonders for my injured body by cracking it! Really recommend both
elin göransson
elin göransson
13:51 10 Mar 21
Have been with both Petter and Emma. Can recommend both. Finally caught the breath in my chest. Absolutely magical
Thomas Hansson
Thomas Hansson
08:38 12 Oct 20
Very professional treatment and a good treatment by Emma. Highly recommend!
Linnea Delander
Linnea Delander
15:54 05 Aug 20
Just tested the massage. But it was well done and very nice response.
Michael Ståhl
Michael Ståhl
19:13 27 Jun 20
Really really good!Has problems with the knee (old injury), hips thanks to bad knees and the whole right side of the body. After one session, it already feels so much better. Thanks so much!
Rustam Yamilov
Rustam Yamilov
14:40 24 Apr 20
Really good guys! Incredible look at how all the pieces of the body are connected.
Cookie Hermansson
Cookie Hermansson
18:21 01 Mar 20
Really good massage. Recommended!
maja jutman
maja jutman
15:26 13 Dec 19


If you want to learn more about Osteopathy, we recommend that you take a look at our very own channel on youtube.
In the film, Henrik tells a little more about how we as Osteopaths can help you with pain and aches.


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